Our visit to the synagogue…

We had an exciting morning yesterday when visiting the synagogue in Shadwell. The children were extremely well behaved and acted very maturely. It was very interesting to see the features we have been learning about in real life and we learnt some fascinating facts. The staff at the synagogue were very impressed with how much information the children could remember and the questions they asked. Thank you again to those of you who gave up your time to come with us!

Shadow Investigators…

In our Science lesson today, we investigated why shadows change when the distance between the object and the light source changes. 

We worked in small groups and each chose our own object to use in our investigation. 

We found out that the closer we moved the torch to the object, the larger the shadow was. 

Being Reflective like Gandoff…

This week, we are developing our ‘reflective’ learning muscle. 

We kicked off by editing our writing with our partner’s help. 

In pairs, we took it in turns to read each other’s work, allowing us to hear any grammatical mistakes we had made. We then used our green pens to edit where necessary and improve our vocabulary choices where we could. As well as this, we helped each other to spot any spelling mistakes. 

Ice Palace Dance…

We have been working hard with Mrs Lynch to choreograph our own quest dance showing Ivan’s challenging journey to find his brother. 

We have tried really hard to make our dance dramatic, thinking carefully about what we already know about Ivan and showing his thoughts and feelings through our movements and facial expressions. 

Our Fantastic Writing…

We have worked our socks off today writing a description of the setting from the character’s perspective. 

These three boys have worked particularly hard and have produced an excellent piece of writing. 

In Haroon’s words, “Not only Year 6 do fantastic writing!” 

Well done boys! 

Our Tower Garden

We were very excited this morning when Nathan came back into school to set up the tower garden in our classroom. After planting the seedlings two weeks ago, they were ready to be transferred into the tower. Hopefully in a couple of months, we will have produced our own lettuce and peas. We’ll keep you posted!