Day 1 in the Art Studio

What an exciting morning we’ve had working in the art studio! We are very lucky to begin our Year 3 learning journey working with Mrs Johnston. 

We began the morning by drawing a tree and labelling the different parts that we already knew.Some of us decided to draw a tree with leaves, some with fruit, some during the autumn and winter. We then wrote down anything that we already knew about trees.

We then looked at a photograph of an aerial view of our school which was taken 11 years ago. Our school looked very different back then! As well as several additional buildings, we also noticed that many different trees have been planted around our school grounds. 

We spent some time in the orchard sitting quietly while we made a list of nouns that we could see, hear, feel and smell around us. After generating a list of ideas and sharing these as a class, we then thought of some verbs and adjectives to describe the nouns in our list. We will use our word banks tomorrow to write a poem. 

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