Our Inuit Adventure…

As well as working with Matthew and Ms Black this afternoon, we were also joined by Mr Jan Welz, a man from Czechoslovakia who left his home and travelled across the Bering Sea, where he found a better life in the far, far north living with the indigenous people there known as Inuits.

With Mr Welz’s advice, we went on our own expedition to the Arctic Circle. Luckily, we were very well equipped for the treacherous journey ahead. 

Throughout our expedition, we were very cautious of thin ice breaking underfoot and ice flows as we know how very dangerous these can be. To avoid the glaciers, we spread our legs to distribute our weight. We also had to listen very carefully for any rumbling sounds as this would mean that an avalanche was coming. 

As well as these dangers, it was important that we were always alert and ready for any animals we might meet along the way. 

On our travels, we met a polar bear! Luckily, this polar bear wasn’t vicious and actually led us to the meteorite we were searching for.The meteorite made a crackling sound, a bit like the northern lights our fellow Inuits have heard. 

We decided to use our spears as shovels and hide the meteorite in the snow in an attempt to stop any explorers finding it. Declan, who was our Shaman (holy man), helped us to say a magical spell after doing so. 

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