Day 6 in the Art Studio

We were all very excited to read some more of The Lorax this morning which provided us with some more information about the Once-ler. This allowed us to explore his character further and consequently, our opinions of him changed after building a character profile together. 
From our learning, we were then able to add to our class dance. We can’t wait to perform it on Friday afternoon! 

Day 5 in the Art Studio

We were all very excited to read some more of the story this morning. We then thoroughly enjoyed adding some more moves to our class dance which is coming together nicely. 

Why are trees super heroes? 

We showed off our prior understanding of trees by answering this question. Together, we came up with a long list of the benefits of trees and reasons why we need trees on Earth. After watching a video clip, we were able to add to our list. One of the things we found out was that trees take a greenhouse gas called carbon dioxide from the air which is a nasty gas for us. 

Day 4 in the Art Studio

Where is this street? 

Who lives on this street? 

What does this street look like? 

What is a Lorax? 

These are some of the questions we began asking yesterday as we read the first few pages of The Lorax by Dr Suess. After delving into the story a little further, we soon learnt some clues. 

We then had lots of fun outside where we built our own lerkim using items from the scrap shed.