What an exciting morning we had! Year 3 and 4 thoroughly enjoyed a performance of Quasimodo which carried a very important message.

Quasimodo was treated unkindly and lived alone until he met Esmerella who he became good friends with. The anti-bullying theme which ran throughout made us think about why we should all treat everyone with kindness and respect. 

Reflecting on our writing like Gandalf…

After working hard to write a description of Mr Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory from Charlie’s perspective, we helped our partner to proof read and edit. Our partner read our writing while we listened carefully. If we spotted any grammatical or spelling errors, we used our green pen to amend. 

As well as being reflective, we were also very resourceful and used the working wall, wordbanks and dictionaries to support us with our spelling. 

Becoming Excel Experts…

Mr Ogilvie led our computing session today. We started off by playing bingo on Microsoft Excel to revise the formatting tools. We are becoming a lot more confident with this and now use topic vocabulary more accurately including: cell, formula and autosum. 

We were then set the challenge of planning a party. To begin we thought of five things to buy before researching how much these cost on the internet. After doing this, we were able to input the relevant information including the cost onto an Excel document. We used our prior knowledge of Excel to calculate the total amount using ‘autosum’ which saved us from working it out ourselves. How clever Excel is! 

Our visit to Countryside Live…

We throughly enjoyed our visit to Countryside Live yesterday. We were very lucky to have such lovely weather and the children were all extremely well behaved. 

I think the children would agree that the highlight was definitely the sheep shearing which was very entertaining! 

Throughout the day, we all participated in three workshops:

– Plants to Potions

– Bee keeping

– Pollination 

Judo Fun…

We had a very exciting morning with our visitor Dan, who is a judo coach. 
He explained to us that judo is a self defence marshal art. We had lots of fun playing different games with our partners. It certainly was a very different but exciting PE session!

Spanish Fun…

In our Spanish lesson today, Mrs Howard introduced the names of different foods. After learning some of these, we matched the word (in Spanish) to the picture. We then discussed which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy.