Super Spellers…

To help us learn the tricky words that we need to know by the end of Lower Key Stage 2 (the end of Year 4), we used different strategies. 

Some of us wrote the word and then cut out each letter individually before ordering the letters correctly…

Some of us drew a picture and then added some words inside…

Some of us did ‘rainbow writing’ using different coloured pencils…


Can you think of any other ways to practise this week’s spellings?

Let me know if you do! 

Understanding Fossilisation…

To help us understand the process of fossilisation, we acted out the different stages. 

We started off by roaming around as happy dinosaurs…

Then then dinosaurs died and the flesh was eaten by other creatures, leaving only the bones…

Over millions of years, the fossilisation process took place. 

Until some palaeontologists dug up the rocks and found the fossils…

Y3ES Weekly Update 

Our Maths lessons this week have been centered around angles. We recapped what an angle is and reminded ourselves of the link we made before the holidays – that the number of sides a 2D shape has is equal to the number of angles it has. For some of our lessons, we have focused on right angles. We found out that angles are measured in degrees and that a right angle is formed when two lines meet at 90 degrees. With this information in mind, we used a piece of paper as an angle tester to find right angles around our classroom. We are now confident identifying these.
We also found out that there are different types of angles (acute angles are those smaller than a right angle and obtuse angles are those larger than a right angle).

We have had a topic focused week in Year 3 starting with Geography. After beginning to research Italy before the holidays, on Tuesday, we used some fact sheets to collate some more interesting facts about the country. We then recorded our information in the form of a bubble map before grouping the facts accordingly. From this, we were able to write our own SPO paragraph about the country. We tried hard to use different sentence openers which were appropriate to non-fiction writing.

We had a Science day on Wednesday where we concluded our topic on rocks. We reminded ourselves of the three types of rock and how each is formed before moving on to looking at fossils. We were excited to explore some fossils and guessing what the creature originally was. To help us understand the process of fossilisation, we enjoyed acting out the different stages, starting off as dinosaurs.

We spent today familarising ourselves with the Easter story and understanding why this is a very important time for Christians. After reading the story, we ordered some of the most significant events and created a storyboard. We then all enjoyed a lovely Easter service this afternoon led by Reverend Sharon.

English homework this week are pages 78 and 79 (Suffixes –ation and –ous) and page 8 of the Maths book (Counting in Multiples).

Our spellings (to be tested next Friday 26th) are all homophones. These are words that sound the same as other words but are spelt different and have a different meaning. We have spent quite a lot of time this week looking at homophones so your child should be quite confident with the words already.

 The words include:











I hope you have a lovely long weekend! Happy Easter!

Miss Stewart

What a feast…

We thoroughly enjoyed cooking in the cafe with Mrs walker this afternoon. 

Some of us made some pesto which we added to some pasta and some made bruschetta. We were lucky enough to try both and they were very yummy! 

Thank you to Mrs Walker! 

Being a PE teacher…

Instead of teaching us some rugby skills in our PE lesson this morning, John (our coach from Leeds Rhinos) helped us to plan our own lesson. 

Before watching some videos of PE lessons, we thought about what a lesson needs to include. We came up with the following: 

– A warm up

– Main lesson with the different skills taught

– A cool down 

We then worked in small groups to plan our own lesson for the Premier League Primary Stars Competition. We had some interesting ideas for a fun filled PE lesson!