Maths Presentation Superstars! 

We have been working really hard to improve the presentation of our work in Maths.
The golden rules we need to remember are: 

– To write each digit in its own square (because our numbers do not share)

– To underline the date and title with a RULER

– To put one line through our mistakes

*We also fold our pages in half which makes our work look a lot neater.
The 3ES superstars for presentation this week are: Davina and Alliyah! 

Plant Art…

In art this week, we enjoyed sketching different plants we found outside. It was important that we looked very carefully at the plants so we could add detail to our sketches and use the correct colours. 

We then collected a variety of different leaves which we used to do some printing. 

Magic Medicines!

In our Maths lesson today we made our own magic medicine just like George! The ingredients we used included: 

Brainy broth, slug slime, Grandma’s spit, dragon’s blood and eyeball juice.

It was important that we carefully and accurately measured each ingredient. 

Luckily, unlike like Grandma, we didn’t grow into a giant! 

Our medicine…

Winnie the Pug

We had two special visitors in Year 3 this afternoon. LJ and Winnie came in to talk to us about Dog’s Trust, a place where LJ works and where Winnie was born. 

It was fascinating finding out about pugs and about some of the health complications they can suffer from. LJ talked about the things a dog needs to be happy and healthy and explained what microchips are and why all dogs must have a microchip. 

Winnie was perfectly behaved throughout so definitely earned some treats. We loved seeing her perform some tricks at the end before we all had the opportunity to stroke her. 

Exploring Rocks! 

We enjoyed being geologists in our two science lessons this week. After going on a rock hunt around school last week, identifying natural and man-made rocks, we had the opportunity to carefully examine different rocks this week. We identified the properties of the different rocks before choosing two and comparing these. 

Yesterday, we learnt about the three types rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.  To help us remember these, we made our own chocolate rocks. The best bit, I’m sure the children would say, was the eating some of the chocolate at the end! 

Wally Musicians! 

We enjoyed playing with the chime bars in our music lesson. We were playing the E and D notes and used them to create a tune. 

It definitely made it more exciting being dressed up as Where’s Wally! The children looked fantastic so thank you for your support with this!